An interactive, 12-week group program for women ready to be a healthy partner and have one, too!


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This is your 12 week journey to showing up in 2021 as a more confident and grounded version of yourself. This is your year to finally overcome any relationship + dating anxiety that’s been holding you back. Group starts the week of January 18th!

Results include but are not limited to: finding certainty within yourself, not looking externally for validation, shifting your outlook and attitude about dating and sex, and feeling EXCITED about all that’s ahead in your love life.

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You question if you're in the right relationship or whether you'll ever find someone and fall in love, again.
  • You don't want to lose your independence within your relationships. Instead, a partner is someone to complement your already kick-ass life.
  • You find yourself overthinking A LOT if you're doing things "right" in your love life.

  • You keep wondering why you're attracting the wrong people or worry that "all of the good ones are taken."

  • You compare yourself to others online (“All my friends are married with kids and I'm over here like how come it hasn't happened for me?") and want to stop feeling like "when I get this then I'll be happy!"

  • You want to take time to focus on yourself - whether you're single or in a relationship.

  • You want the kind of love where you feel safe, heard and understood. 

  • You resonate with one or all of the above.

"I am now the CEO of my emotions and trusting my intuition [when it comes to my love life]!"

Meet Your Coaches!

2x the coaches = 2x the value

Katie Grimes

Your Sober Dating Coach 


Hey there! I’m Katie.

I'm the go-to girl for women who want to be a healthy partner, and attract one too! 

Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes; worried I wouldn’t find my person.

Watching all my friends getting married and wondering "Are all the good ones taken?"

I used to give my all to others in the hopes that it would make them love me more. When that wouldn't work, I’d unknowingly continue this destructive cycle; expecting someone else to ease the loneliness and heart-ache I was feeling. 

I was tired and losing trust in myself and others.

I finally learned that other people weren't the solution to feeling more fulfilled in my [love] life…

I was!

I started to look internally:

  • Maybe I’m the common denominator among these “failed” relationships?
  • Maybe I'm the one who needs help?
  • Maybe my thoughts are what’s causing me to be anxious in relationships?

And then, the real soul-searching began

I prayed to God that if I learned how to love myself and to really feel peace and comfort within my love life then I would teach others how to do the same. 
My wish came true!

Now I do just that! I use the skills and tools I’ve learned to teach you how to date confidently by mastering connection, chemistry, and compatibility as you level up your love life.

I teach you how to take time off from dating to learn how to be in a healthy relationship that feels content and peaceful rather than anxious and confusing.

Each person who has enrolled in Let Love In has had their own success stories of falling in love with themselves (and others).

They went from "I'm lonely and am worried I'm never going to find someone as great as my ex" to finding more love from within and meeting people who want what they do; deep conversations, fun adventures and mind-blowing sex.

I once had a client shout out in our group: "I'm not lonely anymore!" and that was before she even started dating, again!

You can have the things you want. You've already seen it happen in other aspects of your life so let's make it happen in your love life, too!

Let’s do this together, I believe that the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing aren’t are just triggered by past experiences.

This is the year to focus on yourself with support and guidance from others who know exactly how you’re feeling and who have had success moving through the “what if’s” towards what’s possible.

To learn how to trust by keeping promises to yourself and thinking thoughts, feeling feelings and taking actions that make you feel good about yourself. We will do this work, together, love.


Sarah Yudkin

Your Relationship Anxiety Coach

Hey you! I’m Sarah.

I *love* love. So when I found myself two years into my relationship with the best partner in the world, but also extremely doubtful and terrified…I knew something was up.

I spent almost two years in our relationship living with uncertainty and anxiety, plagued with thoughts like:
--How do I know if my partner is “The One”?
--Do I love [him] (them) enough? -----Am I a bad partner?”
--Marriage scares me, what if we get married and then divorced? 50% of couples do, right?!”
--“I love [him] (them) so much. What if this doesn’t work out?”

These doubts crept in and held me back from feeling the love towards my partner that I saw in the movies and other #relationshipgoals around me.

Little did I know that all of these #relationshipgoals around me were not quite the truth. I was comparing other people’s “happily ever afters” to my own fears and doubts, which was not a fair comparison.

I was spending so much time and energy focused and worried about my partner, when he was not the source of my problems…at all!

My problems were actually being created by one thing and one thing only:

ME, MYSELF, and I.

But the good news is, none of this was intentional, and none of this was my “fault”! I have been subconsciously soaking in hundreds if not thousands of messages from society, friends, family, etc. about what THEIR definition of love “should” be + look like for years and years.

I was constantly looking to other people to validate whether or not my relationship was good enough, if I was “in love enough” and if my partner was “the perfect match” for me.

I had never learned to stop and question other people’s expectations + ‘rules’ for love. I never took the time to see what resonated with ME vs. other people. We are all unique people, so it makes sense that all relationships would be unique and special on their own, right?

Well…that’s not how society makes it seem! We’re never really taught what messy and “different” love stories can look like. Unless we have love modeled for us as children, we may never know. And I for one did not have that modeled for me.

After doing some deep inner work + training, now I know how to question these deep-rooted beliefs about love and relationships that caused my anxiety, and heal all of the ‘triggers’ that still pop up to create a much more soothing relationship.

I am more certain and confident in my relationship now than I could have ever imagined two years ago, but I know there are thousands of womxn struggling in silence.

You don’t need to get through this alone.

As a relationship anxiety coach, I help women like you feel confident in love and know that you yourself have all of the answers you seek. No more Google searches to find out if your partner is “The One”

I believe NO ONE should have to suffer from relationship anxiety in silence or hold themselves up to the unrealistic messages passed down from society.

Are you ready to make 2021 the year where you create certainty within yourself?


"I'm dating now and feel more calm than ever!"


Because you deserve a life that look like this:

  • A daily practice of  self-love and compassion. Learning to trust your inner knowing and find certainty within yourself, vs. seeking it from others!

  • Creating your own definition of #relationshipgoals and building a life you love alongside a partner you love! Intentionally creating the dream partnership you’ve always wanted.

  • Replacing your overthinking, doubts, and fears of not being worthy with feelings of happiness, contentment and success. No longer obsessively questioning whether your relationship is ‘The One’

  • Feeling more confident, communicative, and vulnerable. Owning your feelings and boundaries – showing up with intention and strength in all conversations (dating to relationships)

  • Becoming friends with like-minded women in our group who knows what it feels like to think you're going crazy. I mean you crazzzzzy, but not THAT crazy. You have "big feelings," that’s all. Intimacy  leading you to have racing thoughts that make you feel that way, but nothing is actually wrong with you. . Your Let Love In crew, just gets you, and will gently remind you what tools you can use to soothe your soul!

  • You're excited to take time to reflect inward and learn how to have greater self-confidence to bring that into your love life. No more getting caught up in the fantasy of where this is going on the second date (or being in a relationship planning for the ‘what if’ of a future divorce)...

  • You're more present, less attached to your phone, and have learned that someone else’s responsiveness has nothing to do with your self worth!


This is perfect for you if...


  • You’re the kind of womxn who reads a great book that’ll change your life and you’re IMMEDIATELY sharing it with others.
  • You value growth in yourself and in your relationships.
  • You have a healthy relationship with alcohol or are sober. 
  • You're accepting and inclusive of all bodies and backgrounds. 
  • You consider yourself “spiritual,” or "kinda spiritual" 
  • You love to laugh, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you love personal development.
  • You’re taking time off from dating or actively dating/in a relationship.

In 12 weeks, you will be able to let go of your limiting beliefs and finally receive the love you deserve!

"The biggest takeaway was learning that my emotions are normal and valid. Being surrounded by other women made me feel secure in acknowledging these feelings and helped me see the power in my emotions."



Here's what you'll get:

Clarity Session

Before the group kicks off, you are chatting with Katie and/or Sarah for 60 mins privately about what you want in your love life. 

Weekly Calls

Personalized Group Coaching

(12) 90 minute recorded group sessions with Katie, Sarah and the other kick-ass Let Love In women. Your weekly schedule to improve your confidence in your love life is posted below.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

(2) *additional* private coaching calls to ensure you feel padded with love and support as you begin gaining more confidence in your love life. One call with Katie and one call with Sarah.

Group Chat

Daily chats - group text style to help you feel supported and accountable as you're practicing the new things you're learning to feel more confident in love!

Text Support

Life happens between sessions and we've got your back. You've got some quality time to chat with Katie and Sarah about what's coming up for you as you go through these 12 weeks.


Access to Katie's favorite digital course, Trust Your Intuition!

First dibs on all special events, pre-sales, masterclasses and more.


Here's the results you'll see each week!

Week 1 - Becoming the CEO of your Emotions! How to stay consistent with those thoughts in your head so you can feel more fulfilled. Your beliefs will not only positively impact your feelings, but also your relationships.

Week 2 -How your past can lead to a brighter future! Getting over your ex, learning why thoughts about your ex can hold so much power over you, and how we all think about them from time to time.

Week 3 - What RomCom’s and Walt Disney have to do with your love life!  Understanding family dynamics and experiences have you making sense of something that makes no sense. Debunking Society’s messages about love compared to what you saw growing up...the disconnect

Week 4 - How to Identify Relationship Anxiety. Learning why you’re *probably* projecting your own insecurities on your partner, why you’re so triggered in the first place, and bringing common myths about relationships into the forefront so you can avoid your old relationship beliefs!

Week 5 - Red Flags, Boundaries, and Sex...oh my! You'll learn how to determine what red flags are most important for you, how to set and keep better boundaries (especially if they involve a red flag) so you can learn to trust yourself, and build attraction within relationships -- even if sex doesn’t always feel spicy from the get-go

Week 6 - How to Soothe Relationship Anxiety. We’ve now determined WHY you’re anxious, but this week is all about HOW to recognize it faster so you can help yourself move through it, in the moment. No more staying stuck!

Week 7 - How to love the skin you’re in! Learning to love every part of you; from your quirks to your anxiety to being emotional. We're "tapping" into what stories and patterns are on repeat that have got to go! A little self-lovin goes a long way to have a positive effect on your relationships..

Week 8 - Dreaming up your ideal relationship! Getting crystal clear on what you don’t want and what do you want in your relationship so you can manifest that sh*t

Week 9- Creating your Relationship Plan. You'll put your customized relationship road map into practice with steps to ensure that your relationship doesn’t fizzle out fast.

Week 10 - Learning to Trust Yourself + Others, Again.  Continuing to practice letting love into your life by using your relationship plan. We’ll help you get out of your head and instead, focus on continuing to trust that it’s safe to receive more love, easily and effortlessly.

Week 11- The Art of Fulfillment and Communicating. You're learning how to feel more fulfilled in your love life with those you're attracted to and practicing how to communicate differently so you can create a healthy and happy relationship with one of them.

Week 12 - Staying positive and keeping the momentum going in your love life. An action plan for you can be successful after the group and continue to feel strong, confident, and hopeful that you are on your way to letting love in.

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  • (3) 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Katie
  • Katie's Guide to Learning Self Worth & Trust
  • Workbooks
  • Mid-week Support via Text

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  • (12) Weekly Group Calls on Zoom
  • (3) 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Katie
  • Katie's Guide to Learning Self Worth & Trust
  • Workbooks
  • Mid-week Support via Text