Taking time off from dating?

You're focusing on yourself after your breakup and aren't ready to date.

You've done so much work on yourself and yet, can't figure out why love feels like the only thing that's missing.


What if you could...

You're ready to learn from your past and understand why you attract the same type of person.  

You're ready to love & accept yourself - to know what you want and WHY you want it. 

You may not have been taught how to have a healthy relationship, but you're willing to learn how to trust yourself!

 Use your time off from dating to radically transform the way you feel about yourself before you start dating?


Here's how it works:

Attraction Patterns

You'll look at the people you tend to gravitate towards and identify your patterns in romantic relationships. You'll take a break from dating, during this time, to learn how to set and keep better boundaries, focus on yourself, and understand your feelings

Know & Trust Yourself

Reconnect with yourself so you can trust someone with your heart again. You’ll make choices that feel best to you, quickly spot when something doesn’t feel right, and strengthen your intuition

Dating Differently

You'll choose if dating feels aligned for you and integrate what you're learning. You'll personalize a dating plan with tools that'll help you start dating again with clarity!


Here's what's inside:


Module 1: Knowing Yourself

Creating promises and practices that'll help you achieve and maintain your peace of mind throughout the next 12 weeks & beyond.

Module 2: Building Self Esteem

Get clear on the activities you "must" do to stay grounded, supported and loved as you continue to trust yourself so you can begin to trust others, again. 

Module 3: Past Relationships

The good. The bad. The ugly. Reconcile your past relationships - the reality of what they were vs the fantasy of what you hoped they'd be

Module 4: Your Relationship Patterns

Identify who you keep attracting into your life, again and again, and the part you played.

Module 5: Family History

Identify WHY you keep attracting the same type of person, based on your family history and how you grew up.

Module 6: Love & Relationship Beliefs

What's the story you're telling yourself? How's it impacting the way you feel about yourself and the actions you're taking to let love into your life

Module 7: Creating Your Dating Plan

It's almost time to date! We're going to create a plan of action so you feel super confident getting back in the game!

Module 8: Love Yourself

Discovering what you love about yourself and what it means to live a beautiful life where you think thoughts, feel feelings, and take actions that make you feel good about yourself.

 Module 9: Red Flags

How to spot (and avoid) them! 

Module 10: Boundaries

Get clear on what it means to you to keep your boundaries in a relationship; whether it’s sex, time you’re spending together, etc?

Module 11:  Don't Overthink It

How to make dating fun! What are the things that excite you about dating 

Module 12: How To Date

Let's integrate all that you've learned using your Let Love In foundation because you're ready to practice how to date

Success stories...

Here's what your investment in yourself looks like...

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Save $100

  • 12 jam packed video modules that you'll have immediate, lifetime access to
  • Weekly prompts to help you uncover patterns and work through your stuck points 
  • Bonus 40 minute training "5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex"

Payment Plan


6 equal monthly payments

  • 12 jam packed video modules that you'll have immediate, lifetime access to
  • Weekly prompts to help you uncover patterns and work through your stuck points 
  • Bonus 40 minute training "5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex"

Breakup after breakup had me wondering what I was doing wrong until I realized, I was attracting what was familiar.  I learned that it was also my thoughts about love that were keeping me stuck.

I'm a bigger believer, from my own experience, that it's not them, it's you.

Your thoughts about yourself, your past experiences, your feelings that either let love in your life or don't.

I spent 11 years learning how to love and accept myself, trust myself and attract the right people into my life.

I teach you everything I know so you can strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.