So, I've gotta ask...

Are you ready to overcome your loneliness?



Hey! I'm Katie Grimes, your go to girl for LOVE!

I support women who want to be a healthy partner & have one, too! 


Because as a woman, dating had its challenges for me and I want to make it a hell of a lot easier for you to cut through the bullshit and not waste your time! 

From how to bring up I past, to sharing I don't drink or how about dating bad boys instead of the safe and secure one's.

I have been there, done that!

I didn’t grow up seeing a healthy relationship between two people and like many of us, tried to figure it out on my own. With a lot of tears shed, heart breaks and ah-ha moments, I share these candidly with you because if I can find inner peace and someone to share life with, you sure as hell can, too.

I founded The Heart Files in April 2019 offering digital courses,  private and group coaching to women with one mission in mind: to increase the number of emotionally empowered women in this world.

Because when women, like us, drop the guilt around our desire to have, receive, and attract more love into our lives, we can have anything we want!

Tune into my podcast "Anything for Love," for weekly doses of real-deal, no BS conversations to increase your self-confidence and worthiness in your love life through easy to follow, laugh out loud tips, tricks and tools to practice in your life and at my annual conference Summit of Love