Are you ready to *finally* be in a relationship where they treat you how you want and deserve to be treated?


This 4-month private coaching program will help you become grounded and happy within yourself so you can attract a peaceful and successful love into your life.

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Does this sound familiar?...


  • “WHERE the f*ck is my ‘person’? You’ve done all this work on yourself and are finally ready for a special someone to be by your side through life’s ups and downs. You have been looking for what feels like forever, and can’t seem to find the ‘perfect partner’.
  • “How am I still single?” Let’s be real - you're a catch! Your family and co-workers have asked how the heck you're still single, and you can’t seem to understand it yourself. You’re ready for your cheeks to hurt from laughing so hard with your person, but want getting to know them to feel simple and easy.
  • “How the hell did THEY find ‘The One’ on a dating app?” What’s the secret sauce? Some people seem to find their person on the apps, but you’re OVER. THEM. You’re looking for the right approach to avoid matching with people who sext too soon or ghost after a few messages. 
  • You want to have GREAT SEX! Whether you typically wait to have sex after a few dates, or you’ve found yourself sleeping with someone on date 1, you're ready to level up your sex life. You’re looking for that eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-your-head lovin' but often overthink it. You value sex but your eye is still on the prize: finding a partner who loves you, cares for you and puts your needs first.
  • You're still thinking or even still texting your ex. I’s only “sometimes” and only if you have a “quick question” but real talk...deep down, you secretly want to know if they still think about you as often as you still think of them!

You are finally ready to find the one but…


  • You're thankful for your great friends and while you have no idea where you’d be without em’, you want to be cozy up on the coach with someone who asks how your weekend away with the girls was or kisses you as you tell hilarious stories where clearly..."they had to be there for," but laughs anyways.
  • You're wanting someone who makes you laugh so hard you can’t catch your breath. Someone who will never forget  to say “I love you” when they walk out the door (even if it’s just to run to the drugstore). You want to feel seen, understood and safe with someone who is thoughtful and patient!


I can relate!


That's because I’ve been where you are...wondering if it was me or was it them? Meeting "the one" after "the one" and secretly hoping each date would be "The One."

I knew I was destined for great love. I just had no idea how to get good at this whole being “in love” thang.

Because whether I…

texted now or later…

slept with them now or later…

Nothing I did seem to make love last.

Until I finally cracked the code.

That’s how I know I can help you!

I've spent 10 years dedicating time, money, and tears to learn how to not let my past dictate my future. I hired coaches, mentors, and joined 12 step groups.

You name it, I did it.

Now, I use the practical and spiritual tools that helped me soothe my anxiety in relationships to help others achieve the results I did!

I could not keep everything I learned to myself. This work is too important to me. That’s why my passion is to help you, feel more comfortable, at ease and happy within yourself and your love life.



 During our 4 months together, we’ll set you up for success with internal confidence + a dating plan to match to help you find a happy, healthy and committed relationship!

This is perfect for you if...

  • You’re a woman in her 30’s -40’s, who has a great relationship with alcohol or is sober.

  • You're willing to take 8-weeks off from dating before dating again to find a loving, committed relationship. (Even if you're newly talking to someone.)

  • You seek to find a balance between being in a relationship and maintaining your independence. You know time apart is important to your own well-being and theirs. [You may not have successfully done this in the past. And that's okay! I'll teach you.]

  • You’ve already spent countless hours trying to apply all you’ve learned in self-help books, recovery programs, name know all the ways to not repeat the past, but find yourself wondering if you missed a chapter, cause somethin’ ain’t working.

In 16 weeks, you'll be transforming your entire love strategy. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Your Love Inventory - Know Where You’ve Been So You Can Know Where You Need to Go] I will help you break unhealthy relationship patterns, strengthen your confidence, and build your foundation for healthy, happy relationships.
  • Dating Differently Method – [Showing Up As Your Best Self] I will teach you how to leverage your past learnings to clearly communicate your needs as you find a committed, loving relationship.
  • Leveraging My Expertise - I am confident that coaching with me as you prepare to let love back into your life will help you detach from stagnant dating and create healthier relationships. I have been where you are, and doing this work enabled me to find someone special that meets me halfway! I will share my experience, strength and hope with you so you can successfully meet the right person!
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Here's what you can expect to get...

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Private Coaching

4 months of weekly private sessions

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Text Support

Before, during, and after you begin dating 

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Intuitive Downloads

Journal prompts & meditations

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Bonus Access!

All my digital content and virtual trainings


Success Stories

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Coaching with Katie allowed me to learn how to navigate dating in a new, healthy way because I wanted to continue to unlearn my old, automatic, familiar, unhealthy patterns. 


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Coaching with Katie helped me focus on intimacy and stop confusing the two. I was able to get out of bed, motivated each morning because I was able to remember that I will be ok. I am ok!


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"Katie taught me how to more effectively practice pause, presence, and find peace in all aspects of my life, not just my love life!


Questions? Let me answer those for ya!


I'm Really Proud of You!

You landed here because you’re ready to take control of your love life again! This means learning why you’ve been attracting the same kinds of people, doing some internal soul-searching, and getting confident to date again.

I’m here to pad you with love and support on this journey and help you feel balanced, calm, and comfortable.

1:1 Coaching With Katie

I promise to teach you everything I know and be your biggest cheerleader along the way. Your healing and growth journey will be the first step to finding that special someone.

By signing up for private coaching with, you’re signaling to the Universe that you are READY to find your PERSON. 

Now, let’s go get em’!!

Enrollment is open based on availability. 

Next Steps:

  1. Book a 45 minute call with me so we can get to know one another better.
  2. Sign up for coaching *make it offish* (yay!)
  3. Sign confidentiality agreement, make payment
  4. Start our first of 16 sessions that next week!

Can’t wait to work together!



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1:1 Coaching With Katie

Payment Plan



  • (8) biweekly recorded video sessions
  • Text support before, during and after your dates
  • Journal prompts and meditations to help you tap into what YOU REALLY WANT
  • Bonus!  Access to confidence boosting digital courses

Pay in Full


SAVE $400

  • (8) biweekly recorded video sessions
  • Text support before, during and after your dates
  • Journal prompts and meditations to help you tap into what YOU REALLY WANT
  • Bonus!  Access to confidence boosting digital courses
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