Attention single womxn! Learn how to master the art of dating in 8 weeks to become...

Showered with Love!


Attention single womxn! Learn how to master the art of dating in 8 weeks to become...

Showered with Love!


I know, I know...

Waiting for "The One" is a b*tch!

You’re afraid of falling into the same traps that made you take a break from dating in the first place.

Because in the past, you’ve had a pattern of jumping in too quickly, then it fizzled out as fast as it started. And now you want to avoid that at all costs.

Which makes you half excited and half fearful about getting back into the dating scene.

You’ve come a long way, but you still need to work on being confident and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You want to have FUN dating and be great at it, both online and offline.

You want to be sexy and flirtatious without sending the wrong signals. Like an order of chemistry and sparks with a side of effortless, please! #orderup

You’ve ready to be totally confident when it comes to dating. You your just-left-the-hair-salon hot self.

You’ve got this girl! Showered with Love will teach you all of this and more!


"I thought I had it all figured out. Little did I know I was barely scraping the surface!"



Julia had chosen to take a break from dating so she could focus on herself. She spent years going back to school to get her Masters and  pursing her side hustle while teaching. 

We began coaching so she could open herself up to the possibility of letting love into her life, again. 

"[Because of coaching with Katie, today] I am ironically less anxious! Katie allowed me to get down to the bares bones of what I am ultimately looking for.

I was amazed at the level of innate trust I had for Katie! My mind is continuously blows at his easy it now is to genuinely express my emotions, something I had difficulty with in the past. It's so incredibly helpful and necessary to have a group of strong women surrounding you to help you find your voice, reinvigorate your value system and help you find that you are worthy of the love you give and the love you want/deserve to receive"

Is that what you're looking for, girl?

  • You're looking for a roadmap to guide you because you're ready to meet your match while also excited/nervous to date again.
  • You want the kind of love where you feel safe, heard, and understood with deep connections and conversations.
  • You want to be with someone who makes you laugh until it hurts! Someone you can rely on to enjoy this kick-ass life with!


Showered with Love


The Showered with Love group is an interactive, virtual 8 week group for sober and sober curious women who are ready to MASTER the art of dating and finally meet THE ONE!


Here's what you'll get:

Sex Inventory Assessment

You and I will have a confidential 90 min chat about what you learned from your past relationships. From how you started and ended them to what you value about your ex so that you can get what you want in your love life. 

Weekly Calls

Personalized Group Coaching

(8) 90 minute group sessions with Katie and 9 other kick-ass women. Check out the weekly schedule below for hot topics you'll be learning about to improve your love life. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions

(1) 90 minute minute coaching call between you and me, kiddo! You'll have one call to kick-off and close out group. Want to be a VIP and get weekly calls with me? Click the payment link below and it'll prompt you!

Group Chat

Daily chats! Group text style to help you feel supported and accountable as you're practicing the new things you're learning to get good at love!

Text Support

Life happens between sessions and I've got your back. It may feel like you'll "never" use these, but once you realize you don't have to do this alone, you'll be pumped you've got some quality time to chat with me each week.


Access to mini 10 minute masterclasses!

A single girl's guide to getting the love you want! 

Automatic upgrade to VIP Bonus with your ticket purchase to the 2020 Summit of Love.

In 8 weeks, you'll go from dating disaster to dating MASTER!


"My biggest lessons learned were the clarity I have about my intuition and how to acknowledge when there are red flags [in a romantic relationship]"



After taking time off of dating to heal her head and heart for over a year, Debbie was ready to date. Careful, excited because dating this time would be different for her. 

From creating a dating profile that accurately reflected exactly who she was and what she wanted from her future partner, she had thoughtful conversations to narrow the times, meeting 2 guys that were great contenders.

Giving one of them a chance, she recognized that some things didn’t feel right (her intuition) and there were red flags that were becoming brighter. She ended that relationship, acknowledging residual grief that was floating around and continued with that same level of optimism and energy to meet HIM.

Debbie is enjoying the level of playfulness, respect and trust that’s continuing to build within herself and with her new boyfriend.

Here's the results you'll see each week!

Week 1 & 2 – Overcome Overthinking and Overwhelm

You will learn how to stay consistent with the thoughts in your head so that you can feel more fulfilled whether or not you get a text back right away or the next day.

You will also create your Ultimate Dating Master Plan which is the roadmap to get EXACTLY what you want. You get out of your own head and  into owning the decisions you make to bring you closer to picking quality people to date.

You begin dating in week 2! 

Weeks 3 & 4 – Dating & Sex Q&A

Let’s talk about SEX ba-by! You will create your Sex Inventory – which is a contract to yourself that he/she is checking off all the boxes BEFORE you hit the sheets. You will be invited to the “hot seat” to answer your questions and navigate what’s happening in your first few weeks of the dating scene as well as how to talk about importance of sex and importance of intimacy right off the bat

We will review your dating profile and make tweaks based on feedback from Katie and the group [this isn’t done prior to week 3 because we want to get to know you!]

Weeks 5 & 6 – Dating & Getting Exclusive Q&A

By now, your dating life is heating up or things still aren’t that serious. That’s ok! Let’s navigate both scenarios so you know exactly what to do once you’re ready. We will talk about exclusivity, removing anything that isn’t working for you, and more!

Weeks 7 & 8 - Setting & Keeping boundaries

You will master the art on how to have a HEALTHY relationship with yourself and others, which will help you coach people how to treat you and what kind of behaviors you won’t tolerate.

Hi! I'm Katie!

Your go-to girl for


I guide and support sober women who want to be a healthy partner & have one, too! 

Because as a sober woman, dating had its challenges for me and I want to make it a hell of a lot easier for you to cut through the bullshit and not waste your time to meet your match! 

From teaching you how to bring up the past with confidence and ease, to knowing where you stand with them or deciding you want to sleep together, I have been there and will guide you to making the best decision for you! 

You see, I didn’t grow up seeing a healthy relationship between two people. Like many of us, I too, tried to figure it out on my own.

With a lot of tears shed, heart breaks and ah-ha moments, I share these candidly with you because if I can find inner peace and someone to share life with, you sure as hell can, too.

Tune into my podcast "Anything for Love," for weekly doses of real-deal, no BS conversations to increase your self-confidence and worthiness in your love life through easy to follow, laugh out loud tips, tricks and tools to practice in your life and at my annual conference Summit of Love

Here's more of what you'll gain after joining Showered With Love

  • Becoming friends with like-minded women in our group who just get you
  • Knowing you’re not crazy because of your thoughts and feelings! You're excited to learn more tools and have greater confidence to make kick-ass decisions in your love life.
  • Living more in the now by being more present and less engaged on your phone
  • Replacing your overthinking  with feelings of happiness, contentment and success.
  • Feeling more confident, communicative, and authentic while feeling strong in what you share with others.
  • Experiencing more moments of trust and ease without being affected by others opinions or moods.


I want ALL that!

This is perfect for you if...

  1. You’re the kind of woman, who reads a great book and loves to share it with others.
  2. You’re a sober or sober curious woman who is inclusive of all bodies and backgrounds. 
  3. You consider yourself “spiritual.”
  4. You love to laugh, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you love personal development.
  5. You took time off of dating and have either just started to date with some success or are ready to date


"I learned how to be more in touch with what I'm really feeling, what I'm needing, and how to respond"



Whether she was lonely, stressed or busy her go-to was to text her ex's to soothe her discomfort. From running her business to taking care of the kids to picking up the house or dealing with her ex, it left little time to receive love and to feel fulfilled.

Often doing more for others than she did herself, it left her frustrated and burnt out. She began to keep track of the ways she was receiving love from others (someone opening a door for her, sending her a DM on Instagram or her dog snuggling with her).

Within a week of practicing this daily, she felt a massive weight being lifted off her shoulders. She began to identify that she is worthy of having the kind of love from a partner that can support her in her efforts to manage a family communicate what they each need because she knows what she needs.

She’s gearing up for meeting someone who makes plans ahead of time and is respectful of her time/schedule. 




5 equal biweekly payments

  • (8) Weekly Group Calls on Zoom
  • (2) 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Katie
  • Single Girl's Guide to Dating Digital Course
  • Free VIP Upgrade with 2020 Summit of Love ticket purchase

Pay in Full


  • $53 savings
  • Everything that you get with the payment plan 




Photography credit: Taylor Nicolle Photo & Luke Bednarek